The way we work


We pride ourselves on following a core set of principles.  We want to have a positive impact in the world, but we can't do that if we don't create a positive and supportive culture. We want to be transparent about how we work, so this is our approach.

We think what matters to most people at work is, and what we strive to do every day, is:

  • To be recognised, rewarded, supported and trusted
  • To be given clear roles and responsibilities
  • To be given space to reflect
  • To learn new things
  • To have a flexible workplace
  • To always be clear on why you do what you do
  • To be treated as a person, not as a cog in a machine
  • To be inspired
  • To work with a team of dynamic, intelligent & motivated people
  • To make change happen, not just talk about it

We make sure in each position, staff have time to think, reflect, and plan ahead. To be given clear feedback and direction on performance and overall contribution. Each staff member will have at least 4 weeks leave a year, and personal, sick, parental, and carers leave. Each staff member will be challenged. You will be able to develop your own personal reputation and brand. Each staff member will develop leadership qualities and put them into practice. Each staff member will be encouraged to engage with the industry and the world. Each staff member will be given the opportunity to talk, post, tweet, snap, like, and blog. Each staff member will be eligible for bonuses every 6 months. Each staff member will have a phone, a laptop, and work from home, a café or the beach if you like. Each staff member will be a critical part of a team, and be aware of how you contribute and when to lead and when to support. Each staff member will help us determine where we should be contributing to social and environmental causes. Each staff member will share new ideas, and implement them. Each staff member will be paid more than your peers – because when you do amazing work and get stuff done, we believe you should be rewarded for it. Each staff member  will work with people that you know are here to change the world, that value a healthier, cleaner, more sustainable environment.

We that sometimes we go through hard and intense periods of work, and staff will have days where you miss a lunch and work at night. But our commitment is that after that passes we will all regroup, reflect, and celebrate the job well done.

We acknowledge that work-life balance is more than allowing women to get home in time to pick up the kids from school, but it's about guys doing it too, all the time. We want to make sure each staff member is more capable, experienced, and inspired when they leave, but obviously we hope they don't want to leave.