Nicki Cranna


Nicki is the editor and communicator at Wave Consulting. She is a biomedical scientist with a PhD in molecular biology from the University of Melbourne. She also has a Graduate Certificate in Commercialisation from the Melbourne Business School.

During her time in scientific research she developed an interest in communicating science to a broad audience, translating complex concepts into publicly accessible language or sharing ideas through art. She has developed her skills in research and technical writing over 9 years alongside growing her skills in creative writing and editing.




Nicki ensures that Wave's mission to create smarter water and energy systems is communicated in a clear and concise manner.

She is the art director of the online science publication, Lateral, where she also writes. 

She works as an editor/proofreader for the University of Melbourne podcast series, UpClose.    

For many years she has taught scientific concepts to high school and university students. More recently she has been travelling the world, teaching English as a second language, learning about different cultures and exploring the environment, as well as spending a lot of time doing Crossfit.



As a small business we know that partnerships are important. We partner with other individual consultants, medium to large engineering firms, architects and landscape architects, economists, ecologists, and universities. We manage interdisciplinary teams and deliver complex projects. We welcome partnerships and are attracted to experts in other fields that are also working towards similar goals and hold similar values.