Josie McGushin

Josie is a driven and energetic all-rounder with five years experience working within the environment, arts and education sectors.  She is finishing a degree in Engineering Systems at University of Melbourne. Josie is a confident communicator adept at liaising with a wide range of stakeholders, both verbally and in writing.

Josie is the leader of our Green Building Tours, where we explore the design and implementation of green building technologies, and take a pragmatic and honest look at how things work.

Josie takes pride in ensuring work is of a high standard and completed in a timely fashion, with a meticulous attention to detail.

Josie strives to live in a sustainable way, minimising environmental impacts while maximising enjoyment. She loves riding her bike fast, getting her hands dirty in the garden, making things and being part of an active and engaged community. Her home contains a biointensive market garden, rainwater harvesting system and numerous fruit trees. It is referenced as a rental property example in David Holmgren's upcoming book, RetroSurburbia.

(+61) 0406 490 868