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I promise you’ve never seen a job ad like this. This is because we live in a unique time, we are a unique company, and this is a unique job. It’s time to do something different. Something that matters. Something that has a real impact. 

Why is this ad different? Firstly, this ad is not about us, it’s about you and what you want. Secondly, we are open to innovative applications and formats. Thirdly, it’s a job that has the potential to transform the quality of life in every single city in the world.

Imagine a job where you have time to think. Imagine a job that trains you for the next job. Imagine a job where you are judged not on your degree, your grades, your name, your gender, but on your potential, your initiative and your capacity to learn new things.

When thinking about this job, we thought about what matters most to people, and how a business can honour that. We think what matters to most people at work is:

  • To be recognised, rewarded, supported and trusted
  • To be given clear roles and responsibilities
  • To be given space to reflect
  • To learn new things
  • To have a flexible workplace
  • To always be clear on why you do what you do
  • To be treated as a person, not as a cog in a machine
  • To be inspired
  • To work with a team of dynamic, intelligent & motivated people
  • To make change happen, not just talk about it

So, in your job you will have time to think, reflect, and plan ahead. You will be given clear feedback and direction on your performance and overall contribution. You will have at least 4 weeks leave a year, and personal, sick, parental, and carers leave. You will be challenged. You will be able to develop your own personal reputation and brand. You will develop leadership qualities and put them into practice. You will be encouraged to engage with the industry and the world. You will be given the opportunity to talk, post, tweet, snap, like, and blog. You will be eligible for bonuses every 6 months. You will have a phone, a laptop, and work from home, a café or the beach if you like. You will be a critical part of a team, and be aware of how you contribute and when to lead and when to support. You will help us determine where we should be contributing to social and environmental causes. You will share new ideas, and implement them. You get to hang out with literally hundreds of other smart people, while working in a small discrete team that have a clear direction and focus. You will be paid more than your peers – because when you do amazing work and get stuff done, we believe you should be rewarded for it. You will work on iconic projects that will be talked about across the country and beyond. You will work with people that you know are here to change the world, that value a healthier, cleaner, more sustainable environment.

But let’s not sugar coat it, of course there is hard work. You will be under pressure, you will have days where you miss a lunch and work at night. You will be pushed out of your comfort zone. But that passes and then we all regroup, reflect, and celebrate the job well done.

We know people don’t take jobs for life, but instead go through phases and are interested in having a genuine work-life balance. We know that work-life balance is more than allowing women to get home in time to pick up the kids from school, but it's about guys doing it too, all the time. We expect that you will commit to the job for three to five years, and then you will be ready for something new. We want to make sure you are more capable, experienced, and inspired when you leave, but obviously we hope you don't want to leave.

Now some details. This is a professional engineering and science job. It's a job where you analyse, design, evaluate, and collaborate on water and energy projects. You will model water and energy systems, come up with options that comply with regulation and think creatively to help people save water and energy. There are really only three things you need to have: a good analytical brain, capacity to learn new ideas and models, and communicate them. Knowledge of water and energy modelling is critical, as is the ability to write clearly and engage with clients. We know that underneath all good projects and ideas, there is always solid engineering and science. 

The job involves urban water modelling, MUSIC modelling, GIS mapping, design work, WSUD, IWM, sizing of PV systems and battery systems, and more. It includes computer modelling (1D, 2D), GIS, CAD, Green Star assessments, and a lot of Word, Excel and Powerpoint. We work with local government, developers, individual home owners, state governments, and other consultancies. 

You will be working in a consultancy where time and budgets matter, but you will also be able to think beyond consulting and help us with new ventures. The position is based in Melbourne, in a co-working office space in the city. In the medium term we may have positions in other capital cities. 

  • Title: Project Engineer & Innovator
  • Location: Melbourne
  • Type: Part or Fulltime
  • Experience: 0 to 10 years
  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Engineering (Env, Elec, Chem, Mech) or Bachelor of Science (Env, Built)
  • Tasks: Modelling, design, analysis, GIS, project management, presenting, report writing
  • Reports to: Director.

Is it time to change tracks and start something new?  

You can choose the format in which you would like to apply: email, prezi, youtube..... Please include your details, the reason you are applying and capture your story and experience, a CV, and referees. Email your application to  

Applications close 19th May 2017.