Project #1

Rob Catchlove facilitated a group of 18 participants from a variety of institutions: water utility, state government department and regulators. This workshop focused on the nature of water quality and sharing of data between agencies with emphasis on what programs they work on and why and where the potential overlaps and partnerships should be occurring. 

Rob designed the agenda, facilitated the workshop, created an environment that allowed everyone to participate and kept a clear focus on the agreed outcome. 

Project #2

Rob Catchlove facilitated a group of 24 representatives from various sectors: developers, water utilities, local government, state government and regulators. The focus was on the discussion of options, costs and benefits for a new approach to water and urban developments. Often the most difficult setback in a group of this size is encouraging people to speak and raise contentious issues. We strategically used the design of the room and used multimedia effectively to facilitate the conversation.