Consult (Template)


Urban water

We consult to developers, local government, state government, and utilities, to determine the best and most sustainable way of managing water in cities.

The challenge for Australian cities is providing the right amount of water, of the right quality, at the right time, to the right place, for the best price.  Cities only use 15% of Australia's water resources, but 90% of the population live there.

Whether you need to save water, export water, manage flooding, develop options, green a city, recycle water, filter water, or value water as more than a commodity, we can help.

Our consulting covers a wide range of issues: urban water, integrated water management, green infrastructure, water sensitive urban design and water supply & demand. Throughout our projects we look explicitly at how our solutions address climate change and move us towards greener, more liveable cities.

We use a range of techniques including data analysis, computer modelling, GIS mapping, qualitative interviews, stakeholder engagement, and data visualisation to do this work. 


Renewable energy

We specialise in:

  • Developing microgrids.
  • Energy demand analysis.
  • Identifying key areas of improvement for energy efficiency.
  • The link between energy and water.
  • Sizing of photovoltaic and battery systems.

The technology and installation of renewable energy projects are complex and intricate, however we are not technological or electrical experts, and instead focus on the outcome and objectives.

Our main goal is helping clients and individuals do something to tackle climate change.


Future thinking

One of the hardest things for any practitioner to do is think beyond the present, the rules of today, and the problems on their desk right now.

We bring new thinking into a project. We introduce ideas and concepts gleaned from working in both the water and energy sectors, and are constantly in touch with innovative projects and ideas across the world: from vertical gardens to filter air quality in Mexico, to green star developments in London, to microgrids in Brooklyn USA.


Review / evaluation

We undertake evaluations and reviews by using both qualitative and quantitative techniques.

Evaluations of past projects and programs are useful in celebrating successes, learning from our mistakes, and making tough decisions for future strategies and programs.


We are experts in facilitation. We have been trained in IAP2, worked in stakeholder engagement and community outreach projects.

When you need to run a three-hour workshop with 15 people, entrust someone from Wave Consulting to ensure you get the very best use of the group’s time. By working through a clear process to develop a realistic action plan participants will come away feeling inspired and committed to the project.

We can help you to plan sessions, involve participants before and during the workshop, and write clear and simple reports after the event.


We are available for secondments where clients request them. We often suggest that short secondments (i.e. one day a week for a month) are useful in delivering project work.

This is true to our values of collaboration and understanding of the physical and institutional environment.