How households could DOUBLE Elon Musk's battery project

Today Wave Consulting is offering to add a third part of the energy plan.  It will double the impact of Elon Musk's idea - and also harnesses the power of houses to fix the grid and go renewable.  

The first part of the plan was Telsa's and Zen Energy's proposal for a 100 MW battery delivered in 100 days. 

The second was Impact Investment's offer to add 100 MW of renewable energy. 

And our third is that within 100 days, we can run a program to add a battery to 15000 individual houses which will also add 100 MW of distributed storage to the grid.  It means individual houses have their own storage, for their own use 95% of the time, but in peak times the national grid taps into them and adds valuable capacity and supply to the grid.  

100MW now becomes 200 MW!   And power is literally coming from the people.  

Let's go for it!