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Wave Consulting:
Consult, design, construct, maintain

We are an innovative consultancy that specialises in how water and energy systems work and contribute to a liveable city. Our unique approach integrates water and energy issues taking a transdisciplinary approach.

We started this business not to sit in workshops and write glossy reports (though that is sometimes necessary), but to actually take ideas and see them through to delivery.  We’ll be starting with one house, one street, one suburb to promote change at all levels.

To make a real difference we work across the whole spectrum from consulting through building through to maintenance. We can:

  • develop evidence-based, forward-thinking strategy and policy documents.
  • deliver effective design, project management and construction services for practical, innovative solutions.
  • provide a maintenance service ensuring that the value of new infrastructure is realised.


Mission statement

WAVE inspires change in our communities by creating smarter water and energy systems for our future.



Why ‘Wave’?

I grew up on the beach, surfing every day. I surfed through all conditions, and was acutely aware of the environment and the climate. I’d be there before the sun came up and then walk home late in the day with just the street lights to guide my cold feet up the street.  Surfing is not really a glorious sport, you spend 99% doing three things: paddling, waiting and almost drowning. But the 1% of time you spend on the wave is pure joy! Surfing gives you a first-hand view of the nexus between water and energy. You feel it and appreciate the complexities of the climate system, from the micro to the macro. 

The backdrop to being in the water and searching for waves, is the city. In 2012 more than 50% of the world’s population lived in cities. By 2050 it is forecast that 70% of the 9 -10 billion people on the planet will live in cities. We need to change the way cities work, and the way they use water and energy. Cities are the economic engines of the world, and consequently the key driver of the world’s emissions. So the opportunity to protect the atmosphere and oceans isn’t really down on the beach, it’s in the city and in every house, street and suburb we build.

The name Wave captures the flow of water and energy, the sensitivity of the planet, but also the opportunity to do something different. You can choose to take a new path, ride a new wave. We work hard, every single day, to achieve these goals and be true to our mission.



The water and energy nexus

The water and energy sectors are central to our business and we connect these two fundamental services of a city. It isn’t new to consider think about both water and energy (just ask the Romans and Dutch), but the term ‘water and energy nexus’ is a relatively new term. It has its origins in America, when Peter Gleick documented the large water usage associated with energy generation. We see the water-energy nexus as being about more than using water to run centralised power systems.

For us it means three things:

  • Decisions about water and energy at the household and precinct scale are closely linked. Both of these critical services must be considered together.
  • Saving water means saving energy
  • Saving energy means saving water

What we also know is that there are significant benefits in working across both sectors, beyond the commodities and the infrastructure, as we are able to bring expertise from one sector and use it in another.



Our values

We put these four values the centre of our company:

  • Commitment
  • Community
  • Innovation
  • Leadership