About Us (Template)


Wave Consulting:
Consult, design, construct, maintain

We are an innovative consultancy that specialises in how water and energy systems work and contribute to a liveable city. Our unique approach integrates water and energy issues by taking a transdisciplinary approach.

We started this business not to sit in workshops and write glossy reports (though that is sometimes necessary), but to actually take ideas and see them through to delivery.  This starts with one house, one street, and one suburb, to promote change at all levels.

To make a real difference we work across the whole spectrum from strategy, design through to building and maintenance. We can:

  • Develop evidence-based, forward-thinking strategy and policy documents.
  • Deliver effective design, project management and construction services for practical, innovative solutions.
  • Provide a maintenance service ensuring that the value of new infrastructure is realised.

Mission statement

WAVE inspires change in our communities by creating smarter water and energy systems for our future.

Our values

We put these four values at the centre of our company:

  • Commitment
  • Community
  • Innovation
  • Leadership